July 31, 2014 01:11 PM | Stephen Czarda

Morgan Moses had to wait more than 24 hours after the NFL Draft's start to hear his name called, but the time patiently waiting in the greenroom at Radio City Music Hall was well worth it.

With the 66th pick, the Washington Redskins selected the former University of Virginia star offensive lineman. During his time right up the road in Charlottesville, Moses was an absolute stud. The career honors section of his college bio looks more like a short story than a career review.

All those Saturdays keeping Cavalier jerseys clean earned him a spot with the best prospects of the 2014 NFL Draft in New York City.

But, Moses ended up being the last player invited to the Big Apple to be selected.

Even though it was a trying experience, Moses still kept a positive attitude. After all, he was being drafted by his favorite team and got to meet legendary Redskinslinebacker London Fletcher.

"It was a great experience," Moses said. "It was my first time in New York with my family and being able to have them behind me as I waited and went through that process -- it was a great feeling to get my name called and walk across the stage."

Graded as a first-round talent by pundits, Moses brings a versatility that meshes well with head coach Jay Gruden's offensive philosophy.

While at Virginia, Moses started at both tackle positions.

"Definitely being able to play multiple positions has helped me as a player," Moses explained. "Just bringing that adaptability to the Redskins and play those positions, you never know what will happen."

Regardless of which side he's lining up on, Moses said that playing against so many veteran defensive lineman has helped him get a better read of their thought process.

"The first thing is the stance on the lineman," he said. "Where he is off the line, is he in a Y technique, is he close to me -- all of that will determine my kick-step."

Protecting A Dual-Threat Quarterback
Moses was a four-year player for Virginia where he played in all but two games from 2010-13.

And while the Cavaliers had success on offense at times, they did not have a quarterback that had ability to run the ball the way Redskins quarterback Robert Griffin III can.

In total, Virginia quarterbacks rushed for less than 250 yards in four seasons. Griffin III has more than 1,300 rushing yards in only two NFL seasons.

But Moses - a guy who was described as having "vines form arms" in his draft profile - is ready for a new challenge of protecting a guy who can get out into open field quickly.

"It's great being able to have a guy that can escape," Moses said of Griffin III. "It keeps the defense honest. You never know what kind of play we have called. Being able to have running backs that can run the ball with power like Alfred Morris and then having a guy like RGIII behind there and he can pull it out there any time.

"It keeps the defense guessing."

Five W's And One H

Who would you compare yourself to?
"Right now, I'm just focusing on myself to get better every day."

What is the best aspect of Richmond?
(He is from the city.)

"Best aspect I would say is this facility. I remember the first day I got here, I couldn't believe they built something this nice here in Richmond. To see things like this, it's an up-and-coming town."

Where would you be with your anthropology degree if football wasn't a possibility?
"I tell everybody I'm the next Indiana Jones. You never know. I might just be out there discovering things and digging things up."

When you think of Virginia Tech what comes to mind?

Why does your beard have a Twitter (@NourishTheBeard)?
"Because it's one of the finest beards out there. It has its own mouth. It speaks for itself."

How long will you continue to neglect your razor?
"I have trimmed it down a couple of times. I don't think I'm going to touch it throughout the season."




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